In this quick installation guide, you will learn about the different ways to install Discord in your favorite Linux distribution(s).

Discord is a popular VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution application. It is mainly designed for creating a specific community(s). Users in these community(s) can talk to each other with voice, calls, video calls, text messaging, stickers, and emojis. Apart from that media and files can also be shared.

Despite being that much, Discord is fast, responsive, and smooth providing a very rich user experience.

Install Discord on Linux

Discord is available for Linux, mainly in two different ways.

  1. Build file (.deb only)
  2. Compiled application files.

We will walk on both roads so let’s get started.

1. Installing Discrod with .deb build file

If you use Ubuntu, Debian, or any of their derivative then you can use the .deb build file to install the Discord application in your Linux distribution.

First of all download the Discord .deb file from the official website.

Download Discord (.deb)

After getting the .deb file, install it in your system.

sudo dpkg -i <strong>discord_file_name.deb</strong>

If you run into any dependency issue, try this quick-fix command.

sudo apt-get -f install

After the installation, you can search it in the application menu and start it.

2. Install & run Discord with archive file

In case, you use any Linux distribution other than Ubuntu, Debian, or any of their derivatives then you can download the Discord application archive file.

Download Discord (.tar.gz archive)

Download Discord.tar.gz file from the above link, extract it, and execute the Discord file.


In the extracted folder, there will be many files. One such is discord.desktop file. You can open up this file and change the Discord file path to the current location and save it.

After that move the file to ~/.local/share/applications folder. By doing that, you would have to start the application from the terminal, it will start to show up in the application menu.

mv discord.desktop ~/.local/share/applicationd

Watch Video guide on YouTube

Additionally, You can also watch a step-by-step video guide on YouTube to get a better understanding of it.


So that’s it on how to install Discord on any Linux distribution. Let me know what you think about it in the comments and subscribe to the LinuxH2O Youtube channel. Till then, keep enjoying Linux.