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XDM – An IDM alternative for Linux

In this article, I review XDM (Xtreme Download Manager), an IDM alternative for Linux. XDM is really a worthy and→

By • TakshakSH

On • 15 Jun, 2021

Viber – An extraordinary instant messaging application for Linux

In this article, I review Viber application and its features and show you how to install and set it up→

By • TakshakSH

On • 17 May, 2021

Best screen recorders for Linux | 2021

In this quick guide, I list some of the most popular screen recorders and streaming applications available for Linux distributions→

By • TakshakSH

On • 6 Apr, 2021

Do you prefer audiobooks then Cozy is your pal.

In this application guide, you will get to know about an amazing audiobook player, Cozy for Linux. Cozy is an→

By • TakshakSH

On • 2 Nov, 2020

Fragments – A modern BitTorrent client for Linux

Fragments is an open-source BitTorrent client for Linux. It is developed for the Gnome desktop environment, following its human design→

By • TakshakSH

On • 12 Oct, 2020

Best 5 Linux-based laptops you can buy | 2020

In this buying guide, you will get to know about the best 5 Linux-based laptops that are available in the→

By • TakshakSH

On • 3 Sep, 2020

MailSpring • An amazing email client for Linux

In this article, we will review MailSpring – an amazing email client for Linux. We will also go through the→

By • TakshakSH

On • 12 Aug, 2020

Different clipboard managers for Linux | 2021

In this article, you will learn about clipboard managers and what are the different clipboard managers available for Linux. A→

By • TakshakSH

On • 7 Aug, 2020

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