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Using wifi and hotspot at the same time on Linux

How to use wifi & enable hotspot at the same time

Hello there, this is TakshakSH and you are reading a LinuxH2O article. In this quick and easy guide, you will...

About snap package packaging service

What is snap? How does it work and How to use it?

In this Linux beginner’s tutorial, you will learn about the snap packaging system, which is created by Ubuntu to streamline...

How to install teamviewer on Linux thumbnail

How to install TeamViewer on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS)

In this guide, you will learn how to install TeamViewer on Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, CentOS, or POP!...

Enable snap support in Mint Linux 20 - Picture

How to enable snap support in Linux Mint 20

Linux Mint 20 with the code-name as ‘Ulyana’ was released recently. It is an LTS release that means, it will...

apt-get package manager guide for Linux

Complete apt package manager guide for Linux

In this complete guide article, you will learn about apt (Advanced Package Management Tool for Linux). You will learn all...

protonvpn on Linux

ProtonVPN: Best free VPN service for Linux

In this article, We will review, ProtonVPN: Best VPN service for Linux. You will also learn how to install, setup,...

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