We use torrent more often than ever before. This is because of the media content which we strive to watch and listen to. For this, you need a torrent client, which will download the whole stuff and then you can use or watch it, which means you have to wait until it completes the downloading. Here WebTorrent comes into the picture as it allows you to watch or listen to any media content right after you add the magnet link or torrent file in the application. So in this quick guide, you will learn, how to install Webtorrent in Linux and streaming videos and audio files directly from torrent.

WebTorrent is just like your regular torrent clients but works faster with media files so that you can stream them easily. It is open-source and very easy to use. Let’s see how it works.

On the first, you will see this window. Here you can simply drag & drop the magnet link or torrent file. You can also click File>Open Torrent Adress or Torrent File for the same then click on the OK button to add the torrent.


After that, the downloading will start and you will see something like this.


Now, simply click on the Play Button and video or audio will start playing.


The best part is, you can also fast forward to any particular time and start the playback from there. So it is just like you play anything on Youtube. This feature makes it so convenient and practical to use.

Installing WebTorretnt in Linux

To install this application, you will need to download the package file (.deb, .rpm) which can be downloaded using the below link.

Github Release Page

On the above page you will see the latest released .deb packages, just click on the package file as per your architecture (64-bit / 32-bit) and the downloading will start.

Some of the distros such as Fedora, CentOS, Suse Linux, and Red hat use .rpm package and the developers do not release it officially on their website and Github. So you can use pkgs.org to download a ported version of .rpm and install it on your Linux distro.

WebTorrent’s .rpm package

Just install the package as per your distro and start using the application. A quick and easy guide relating to the package installation is here: Installing applications in Linux | Complete guide

So that’s it on WebTorrent: Streaming media directly from torrent. Hope you like the application. I’ll catch you in the next article till then keep enjoying Linux and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.