Online privacy has been the greatest concern of this modern age. It is very important than ever before. We need the tool that respects our privacy and person data. Brave browser is one such tool that helps us to secure our personal information from the internet and eliminates anything that tries to forcefully get it. Therefore, in this guide, we will review about Brave browser and it’s privacy features. Installation guide is also given.

Before getting to Brave browser, we need to install it in the system. Brave browser is available to Linux so you can follow the below guide to install you Linux distro(s) such as Ubuntu, Mint, Kali, MX, Fedora etc.

Installing Brave browser in Linux

This is for distributions that are Debian/Ubuntu (Mint, MX Linux, Lite Linux, Elementary OS, Zorin, Pop OS etc) based and usages apt as package manage.

Adding required packages –

sudo apt install apt-transport-https curl

Getting the signing key for Brave browser -a

curl -s | sudo apt-key --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/brave-browser-release.gpg add -

Adding the repository to the system to download the browser package file

echo "deb [arch=amd64] stable main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release.list

Now, Update and install it

sudo apt update
sudo apt install brave-browser

For Fedora 28+, CentOS/RHEL 8+

This for the distributions that usage dfn as their package manage. so these distributions are Fedora, Red Hat CentOS etc.

sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo
sudo rpm --import
sudo dnf install brave-browser

If you just need the package file for your distribution then you can goto it’s Github page and download it from there. Simply use the given link and download the package file that your distribution usage.

Brave Browser Package

After downloading the package file just install it in the regular way. If you need any guide on how to install applications using the package files such as .deb, .rpm and others. Use this guide – Installing applications in Linux | Complete guide

Brave browser features

The Brave browser is based on the Chromium project that means it has all the basic features of a browser. Features like – Chrome extension support, Bookmark import etc. Here are some of the unique features you get with Brave browser.

1. Load pages 3x to 6x faster

Brave browser claims that if you head-to-head compare it against Chrome and Firefox. Brave loads web pages at least three times faster out of the box and with some tweaks that can be taken up-to six times faster.

2. Experience unparalleled privacy & security

Brave has some kind of mechanism that fights malware and prevents tracking while making your personal information on the web safe and secure.

Brave browser has a bunch of Shield that does the jobs like :

  • Ad blocking
  • Fingerprinting prevention
  • Cookie control
  • HTTPS upgrading
  • Block scripts
  • Configure custom shields.

3. Brave rewards

Browser has inbuilt ad serving option that can be enabled to see ad related notification from Brave and if you click on these notifications then you will get $0.01 of worth BAT crypto token which you can convert into real money.

Users can also donate these tokens to their favourite creators using tipping feature.

So that was it about Brave the new popular browser. What you think about it. Let me know in the comment section below.

Video guide on YouTube

Alternatively, Check out this step-by-step video guide for Brave browser about its features and how you can install it on Linux.