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Category : Linux Commands

Linux command-line – cdir an alternative command for cd

In this article, you will learn about the cdir command-line tool, an alternative to cd command on Linux/Unix-like operating systems.→

By • TakshakSH

On • 25 Sep, 2020

Linux commands: Create and extract zip files

In this Linux commands article, you will learn how to use zip/unzip command-line utilities to create and extract zip file→

By • TakshakSH

On • 24 Sep, 2020

TLDR – Makes it easier to understand man pages

In this article, you will learn about an amazing tool called TLDR and how to install and use it on→

By • TakshakSH

On • 12 Sep, 2020

What is snap? How does it work and How to use it?

In this Linux beginner’s tutorial, you will learn about the snap packaging system, which is created by Ubuntu to streamline→

By • TakshakSH

On • 5 Jul, 2020

Complete apt package manager guide for Linux

In this complete guide article, you will learn about apt (Advanced Package Management Tool for Linux). You will learn all→

By • TakshakSH

On • 24 Jun, 2020

How to verify authenticity of downloaded files on Linux

Downloading something from the internet is a regular thing that we all do. We often download files like applications, tools→

By • TakshakSH

On • 23 Feb, 2020

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