Photoshop is one of the best photo manipulation tools available out there and we all who have used it kind of got attached to it and no other tool is able to fulfill its spot.

So in this quick article, I will guide and show you, How to install Photoshop on any Linux distribution out there using the Wine. So let’s get started.

Setting up Wine to install Photoshop

First, we need to install and configure Wine in the system, so just run the following commands :

Ubuntu, Mint
sudo apt-install wine OR wine-stable

sudo dfn install wine OR wine-stable

Installing Photoshop in Linux

To install Photoshop on Linux, We need a special Photoshop executable file. We will use the file to install Photoshop in the system. This file can be downloaded from the given below link.

Download Photoshop Executable

Now, you can simply double click on the downloaded Photoshop.exe and click next and next through the typical Windows installer.

If double click is not working then open the terminal an run the following command to start the installation process.

wine /path-to-file/Photoshop.exe

When you will run above command, an installer window will pop-up. Now, you can follow along – it’s just next and next after that.

For a step-by-step video guide, check out this tutorial

Using the above guides, you should be able to install Photoshop in your Linux. If you have any issues or what to share your thoughts on this. Please let me know in the comment section below. Till then keep enjoying Linux. πŸ˜€