In this quick guide, I will show you how to use Telegram messenger in Linux. This regardless of any particular distribution. So let the guide begin.

Instant messaging has been on the verge for the last decade. Billion of messages are sent and received daily by users around the globe. Thanks to the internet which made everything so accessible to even laymen to use such things on the palm of their hands. To use such a service, you only need a reliable service provider and a working internet connection.

Telegram messenger is open-source and uses impossible to break end-to-end encryption algorithms so that all of your private conversations are secured.

Downloading Telegram messenger desktop client

First of all, you need to head on to and download the Telegram messenger desktop client for Linux. Use the given below link to download it.

Download Telegram Messenger

You will download an archive file so it needs to be extracted. Simply menu click (Right-click in most cases unless you are someone like me who has switched the mouse buttons so that others can hustle :D) and choose Extract option.

Head on the extracted folder and there you will find two files. Telegram and Update. Both the files already come as executables and that is time-saving.

Telegram downloaded files for Linux

Installing Telegram messenger in your Linux

Method 1: You can also use the terminal. For this cd to the folder and run the Telegram file using the below command and the setup window will start.

Installing telegram using terminal

Method 2: You can run the Telegram file directly by double-clicking on it and the installer will pop up.

Messenger Set up window

Now click on ‘START MESSAGING’ button.

Enter your country code (In most of the cases, it will automatically detect through your internet connection) and mobile number. Then an OTP will be sent on your mobile phone, enter it simply.

Filling in required information in the installer

Here you have, up and running your Telegram Messenger in your Linux.

Up and running Telegram messenger client in Linux

I hope, you find this helpful. Let me hear from you in the comment section below. Till then peace out & Keep loving Linux. 🙂