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How to install latest Rust on Linux

This article guides you on how to install the latest Rust programing language on a Linux system. Whether it is→

By • TakshakSH

On • 27 Sep, 2021

How to install Blender on Linux

Blender is one of the most popular 3D modeling and video editing tool available out there. In this guide, you→

By • TakshakSH

On • 31 Jul, 2020

How to install Steam on Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Majaro, Mint)

In this article, you will learn how to install Steam on Linux. The guide applies to all the distributions. Steam→

By • TakshakSH

On • 30 Jul, 2020

How to use Telegram messenger in Linux

In this quick guide, I will show you how to use Telegram messenger in Linux. This regardless of any particular→

By • TakshakSH

On • 22 Jun, 2019

How to install and setup VirtualBox in Linux

In this quick & easy guide, you will learn how to install and setup VirtualBox in Linux. This guide is→

By • TakshakSH

On • 17 Jun, 2019

How to view webp images in Linux | quick guide

Many image viewers in Linux support the webp format. However, our mighty Gnomes eyeofgnome image viewer does not support it.→

By • TakshakSH

On • 24 May, 2019

How to install Kdenlive on Linux

We all love videos, whether it’s movies, Youtube, Netflix or maybe you still in love with TV. The fact is→

By • TakshakSH

On • 22 May, 2019

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