Linux is by far the biggest open-source project that is under active development. The Linux Foundation and many other companies worldwide are working together to make it more usable, stable, and secure. In this article, I list the top 10 facts about Linux you should know about.

Linux can be very sneaky and you may not even know how indirectly you are using Linux in your day-to-day life. This is why I have compiled a list of top facts about Linux to pull the curtains from its image.

Top 10 Linux Facts (2024)

  1. Microsoft, the biggest competitor in places like mobile, IoT, Desktop, Cloud, and everything else contributes to Linux. It is a platinum contributor.
  2. Many companies and countries have their own official Linux distribution India has its own, called BOSS Linux.
  3. Individuals, People, Startups, Companies, and Organizations of all sizes save billions of dollars every year because Linux is free and open-source.
  4. Linux updates and gets patches very quickly, it is as easy as updating applications on your mobile phone.
  5. Comparatively, Linux is easier to use and learn than other operating systems.
  6. Linus Torvalds first developed Linux, now the whole world contributes to it including Individuals, Companies, Governments, and Institutions. It also has the best supportive online community.
  7. World’s most popular technology device? Your mobile phone, of course, uses Linux. Android is the most popular and widely used smart device operating system. Runs on a Phone, Watch, TV, Car, almost everything.
  8. Every major space program and private space company uses Linux, popular being ISRO, NASA, and SpaceX, Bluehorizon.
  9. Linux has a specific and special place in Hollywood. The visual effects of famous movies like Avatar and Titanic were developed on the Linux platform using FOSS software. The same is true for the gaming industry which heavily makes use of Linux in development.
  10. All the 500 supercomputers run on Linux.

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So these are some of the facts that add more Linux sense to our Linux horizon. I’m only scratching a little surface here. Linux has much more than this list of 10 facts. I enthusiastically encourage you to learn about Linux.

Do not hesitate to provide your feedback about it. If you think something should be added, feel free to put a comment below, and till then keep on enjoying Linux.