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How to install eclipse on Linux 2020

How to install Eclipse IDE on Linux | 2020

Eclipse is by far the most popular open-source IDE in the world. That is because it has a variant for...

Using Slack on Linux

Using Slack on Linux – Setup guide | 2020

In this guide, you will learn about Slack and how to install it on Linux easily. As the number of...

Find your ip address on Linux

Find your IP address on Linux – Ubuntu, Kali, Mint, Fedora

So for some reason, you need to find out the IP address of your system and you want to know...

Installing Spotify on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, MX Linux, Fedora)

How to install Spotify on Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, MX Linux, Zorin)

We are living in the online era and steaming things online is a regular thing in our lives. We watch...

7 different ways to check system details in Linux

7 Ways to check details about your Linux distro

Linux distributions are very amazing and interesting. We all love using these and some times we do want to know...

Installing skype in Linux

How to install & setup Skype for Linux | 2019

Skype has been around for a really long period of time. It fulfills our basic need whether it’s friends or...

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