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How to enable snap support in Linux Mint 20

Linux Mint 20 with the code-name as ‘Ulyana’ was released recently. It is an LTS release that means, it will→

By • TakshakSH

On • 3 Jul, 2020

How to make your Linux look sexy – Briefly explained

So you have installed your distro but it is okay in the looks. However, you would like to tweak it→

By • TakshakSH

On • 3 Jun, 2020

Brave Browser : Privacy features review & installation

Online privacy has been the greatest concern of this modern age. It is very important than ever before. We need→

By • TakshakSH

On • 28 Apr, 2020

How to verify authenticity of downloaded files on Linux

Downloading something from the internet is a regular thing that we all do. We often download files like applications, tools→

By • TakshakSH

On • 23 Feb, 2020

WoeUSB – make Windows bootable Pendrive on Linux

There are times when we need to make a bootable USB drive and for that, we use applications like Startup→

By • TakshakSH

On • 22 Feb, 2020

How to install Eclipse IDE on Linux | 2020

Eclipse is by far the most popular open-source IDE in the world. That is because it has a variant for→

By • TakshakSH

On • 21 Feb, 2020

Using Slack on Linux – Setup guide | 2021

In this guide, you will learn about Slack and how to install it on Linux easily. As the number of→

By • TakshakSH

On • 1 Dec, 2019

Find your IP address on Linux – Ubuntu, Kali, Mint, Fedora

So for some reason, you need to find out the IP address of your system and you want to know→

By • TakshakSH

On • 28 Nov, 2019

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