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MailSpring β€’ An amazing email client for Linux

In this article, we will review MailSpring – an amazing email client for Linux. We will also go through theβ†’

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 12 Aug, 2020

Different clipboard managers for Linux | 2021

In this article, you will learn about clipboard managers and what are the different clipboard managers available for Linux. A→

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 7 Aug, 2020

Tauon – An amazing music player for Linux

Recently I came across a music player. Tauon Music Box, and liked it a lot because of its features. So→

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 16 Jul, 2020

Most essential apps for every Linux user | 2021

When you first install a Linux distro or do a fresh install, you need to install the essential apps for→

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 12 Dec, 2019

Best companies selling Linux powered laptops and PCs

So you use Linux and want a Linux powered laptop or a PC. Or maybe you just want to upgrade→

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 24 Nov, 2019

Albert – An amazing keyboard launcher for Linux

Linux has many features and tools that make the user experience very convenient and rich. There are regular updates, a→

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 30 Aug, 2019

WebTorrent: Streaming media directly from torrent

We use torrent more often than ever before. This is because of the media content which we strive to watch→

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 11 Aug, 2019

Best FTP clients for Linux & how to use them

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – It is pretty clear by the full form that it deals with the files (Inβ†’

By β€’ TakshakSH

On β€’ 10 Aug, 2019

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