Hello there and welcome to LinuxH2O. I’m continuing on the new themes update for Linux. It’s September 2020 now so let’s see what the Linux community has to offer us.

This month we have a total of 6 themes for you.

  • Three GTK+ themes
  • Two icon theme packs
  • One cursor theme pack
  • One GRUB bootloader theme

So you can see it’s full of 360° customization for your favorite Linux distribution. Now lets into the updates.

New GTK+ themes update for Linux

As you know, we have got three newly trending GTK+ themes for Linux this month. Here is the list of the themes.

1. Juno theme

Juno gtk theme for Linux

Juno is a clean looking dark theme for Linux. It is inspired by the epic VSCode theme. It comes with many dark color pallets like Juno ocean, Juno palenight, and Juno mirage.

Here are the things that are included in the theme:

  • GTK+ support
  • Gnome shell theme
  • XFCE support
  • Color pallets option
  • Different folder assets

Get Juno theme

2. Ark Black theme

Ark black theme

Arc Black is a dark mode, flat theme for Linux. It has transparent elements and supports GTK+, XFWM4, Openbox3, Gnome, and Cinnamon. It has two dark black variants with blue as its accent color.

Here are the things that are included in the theme:

  • GTK+ support
  • Gnome shell theme
  • XFCE support
  • Cinnamon support
  • Color pallets option

Get Ark Black theme

3. Sweet amber blue theme

Linux themes update for September 2020

Sweet amber blue is another good looking theme for Linux. It comes with light and dark mode so you have got the choice. It looks elegant and has gradient chrome color accents.

Here are the things that are included in the theme:

  • GTK+ support
  • Gnome shell theme
  • XFCE support
  • Light and dark mode

Get Sweet amber theme

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New icon theme packs update for Linux

Now let’s see what are the icon theme packs available for you to use in your desktop environment to make it more appealing.

1. Luna icon theme

Luna icon theme pack

Luna icon theme has dynamics shapes as per the icons. The icons also has a drop shadow which makes the icons look cool. The icon pack is based on Marwaita and Papirus icons.

Download Luna icon theme

2. Flatery icon theme

Flatery icon pack for Linux

Flatery icons are flat in style and have matt finishing. It comes with many accent color combinations which makes the pack look great if combined with a decent theme and wallpaper. You can download this one using the link below.

Download Flatery icon theme

Cursor theme for Linux

Oreo Cursors

The Oreo cursors theme is a material color based cursor theme for your Linux desktop with cure animations. It comes with five different color combinations that you can install in your distribution.

Get Oreo cursors theme

GRUB theme for Linux

Sleek Bootloader

Grub bootloader theme

The Sleek GRUB Bootloader theme is a modern-looking minimal theme. It basically styles the initial bootloader screen. The theme comes with three different color options: Light, Dark, and Accent orange.

Get Sleek theme

Watch Video guide on YouTube

Additionally, You can also watch a step-by-step video guide on YouTube to get a better understanding of it.


So that was the themes update for the September from my end. Let me know what you think about it in the comments and subscribe to the LinuxH2O Youtube channel. Till then, keep enjoying Linux.