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Setup and run tor browser on Linux

Anonymize yourself on the internet with Tor browser

Privacy concerns of the users have been in buzz for the past few years now. Fortunately, People are way more...

Running android apps with genymotion in Linux

Running Android apps with Genymotion in Linux

Android has many awesome applications in its play store and if there is a way to use these apps in...

Termux - ultimate Linux terminal emulator for Android

Termux – ultimate Linux terminal emulator for Android

Have you ever thought of having your computer’s terminal in you pocket that is in your smartphone !! Termux is...

How to record screen and live stream in Linux

How to record screen and gameplay in Linux

We all are living in the age of videos where everything available in video forms. It can be a guide,...

Sync android phone using Kdeconnect in Linux

Using Kdeconnect to sync Android smartphone in Linux

Smartphones have become a very vital part of our lives. We are dependent on these little hand-held computers and spend...

Having fun with terminal using ASCII tools

Having fun with the terminal using ASCII tools

Linux is awesome and there are no doubts about that. However, miss Terminal has got power. She is so strong...

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